Tavern Arbanashki han

The tavern in Arbanashki han, one of the most charming places in Arbanashki Han, is arranged on its ground floor. It is designed to match strictly the Bulgarian traditional style. Due to that the house is laid out quite functionally, the new interior solution has allowed to make this spacious premise a great place to host friendly get-togethers, parties, family feasts or … just some brief chat over a glass of wine. When in the second half of 20 c. the house was managed by the Fatherland Union Organization, Pencho Kubadinski restored the floor with the purpose of making the tavern a place for receptions, friendly meetings and meals. Being a keen hunter, similar to a few of his guests, he made sure that the place was decorated with hunting trophies. The fireplace lends some special charm to the tavern. In frosty winters, the fire is the source of an appealing, romantic atmosphere. Its gentle warmth fills up the place and warms up the mood of friendly chatter. The tavern has 50 seats and offers traditional Bulgarian cuisine. An enoteca was founded here in 2003: a wine repository keeping a rich collection of wines from the region and from across the country. Wine connoisseurs are welcome here to taste homemade Arbanassi wine.