ARBANASI is located about 4 km. northeast of Veliko Tarnovo and approximately as southwest of Gorna Oryahovitsa. It is located on a high plateau, part of the Tarnovo Heights. Its central location makes it convenient to reach from all over the country.

What you can see in Arbanasi

The village is not large and in about 2-3 hours on foot you will be able to see almost everything, walking through the straight streets. You will need a little more time to walk if you chose the routes alongside Arbanassi. And if you wish to spend another day here, you can see a lot more in and around Veliko Tarnovo.


"Konstantsalieva kashta" House-museum

“Konstantsalieva kashta” is located on the main street, nearby the center of Arbanassi. The house was owned by the great Arbanasi family Tafrilli. Subsequently, it was bought by the resident of the village Atanas Konstantsaliyata, from where the name of house originated. Nowadays it is ethnographic museum.

Church of the Nativity

The Church of the Nativity of Christ is located in the southwestern part of Arbanassi, on the Nativity of Christ Street. The church is extremely interesting and with complex
architecture. It contains many beautiful murals on walls, arches and ceilings with a total area of 2000 sq.m. One of them is the Wheel of Life. It is a museum.


Holy Mother of God Monastery

Holy Mother of God Monastery is located on the northwestern outskirts of the village. Today it is a functioning nunnery. Initially, the monastery was built during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The church of the Holy Mother of God Monastery is home to the miraculous icon of the Holy Mother of God Troeruchitsa, which is famous for helping those who truly believe. It is believed, that the icon was brought in the 13th century from Mount Athos. During Ottoman’s rule it was hidden and according to legend, it was found by chance by a shepherd who grazed his animals in the meadows around the church.

St. Nikola Monastery

St. Nikola Monastery is located in a small valley in the southern part of Arbanasi. It is active maiden monastery. It was built during the time of Assenevtsi (Second Bulgarian
Kingdom). In the monastery church “St. Nikola “one can pray in front two miraculous icons – St. Nikola and the Virgin Mary. There are rooms for pilgrims in the monastery.


Saint Demetrius

St. Demetrius Church is located in the center. It is not open to visitors, but if you look into it through the apse window, you will see the old frescoes on the walls. Ask if it is
possible to visit on 0885 105 282.

Saint Athanasius

St. Athanasius Church is located in the cemetery at the northern end of the village, 5 minutes walk from the center. It was built in the 17th century. The theme of the Last Judgment is unfolded on its northern wall, and next to it are the figures of St. Constantine and Helena. Currently does not accept visitors.

Saint George

Church of St. George is in the western part of the village, near the monastery of St. Mary. It was built in the late 17th or early 18th century on top of older Christian church. In 2012 the church was restored and since 2015 is open to visitors.

Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel

Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel is located in the southern part of Arbanassi, and the entrance is from Sofroniy Vrachanski Street. The temple was built in the late 17th century on an earlier medieval church. The churches “St. Georgi ”and“ St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel ” during the winter time can be visited upon prior reservation on tel.


Kokinska drinking fountain

Kokinska drinking fountain is located on the main street, near to Kostnatsalieva house, on the opposite sidewalk. It was built in 1786 and is named after one of the inhabitants of Konstanzaliev’s house Kokona Sultana.

Market drinking fountain

The market drinking fountain is in the very center of Arbanasi. It was built in 1829. Apart from being ancient, both drinking fountains have large eaves above them.



Kaluger's cave

The easiest way to reach the Kaluger's Cave is along a marked path down, starting in the southeastern of Arbanassi, at the entrance from the Sheremetya village. Then follow the stream up the hillside and after another hundred meters through the bushes you will reach a small pond in front of the entrance to the cave. It is good idea to wear boots if you decide to enter.

Big Lako

The Big Lako drinking fountain is located about 400 m below the Kaluger's cave, on the same hill. Follow the green marking. It used to be a beautiful Roman fountain, which is now half-destroyed, probably by treasure hunters. Next to the drinking fountain there is small cabin for relaxation. Nearby is also a place to light a a fire. To reach Big Lako, it is most convenient to start from the southern hill of Arbanasi, along the marked path. The distance from Arbanasi to Big Lako is about 15 minutes.

Small Lako

Small Lako is another interesting drinking fountain near Arbanasi. The starting point of the route from Arbanass to Small Lako is the same as for Big Lako. Follow the path and follow the blue markings. After ten minutes of walking turn to the right before the pine forest, the path enters the rocks around Small Lako. A few more meters and you are there. Next to the Small Lako, directly from the rocks flows a second spring, which forms a small but, beautiful waterfall with a height of about 4 meters.

Xilifor resting area

Xilifor is located about 2 km south of Arbanasi. Favorite place for rest and relaxation of the residents of Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanassi and their guests. The tourist association "Trapezitsa-1902" has turned it into an outdoor entertainment complex. Right next to the attractive lake is Xilifor villa, and not far away is the hotel-restaurant "Momina krepost".

August 15 - Feast of Arbanasi

The feast of Arbanassi is every summer on August 15. On the same day the church feast the Assumption. Traditionally, it begins with a liturgy in the monastery of the Holy Mother of God, where every believer has the opportunity to touch the Miraculous Icon.

Petar Danov's house

In Arbanassi you can see an old Turkish house, but an important historical place. Here was written Peter Deunov's "Covenant of the colored rays of light", which was published on August 15, 1912. Petar Danov's house is located in the southeastern part of the village. It is closed for visits, because it is very old and in some places the floor has collapsed.

Park Lakoto

It is located on the eastern side at the very beginning of Arbanasi, in the areas called Karanik and New Vineyards. It offers beautiful views of the Stara Planina and Veliko Tarnovo. There is an environment for recreation, sports and tourism. Pedestrian and bicycle lanes have been built, benches, gazebos and bins for separate collection have been set up. Trees and shrubs have been planted.

Horse riding camp

The horse riding club Kaloyan 92 is located not far from park Lakoto, the village, the TV tower and is another opportunity for active tourism. It is operational since 1975. The horse camp, in addition to sports, also offers tourist services: riding for beginners with rope and instructor. For advanced riders they offers five different routes in Arbanasi; horse riding picnic; carriage ride (weddings); during winter time they offers also sleigh rides.

Garga bair and The cardle of love

Garga bair is hill which opens incredible view of Veliko Tarnovo and Balkan mountain.
The cardle of love is 30 minutes walking distance.
How do you get there?
-First route:
“Kamenets” fontain, located un the exit of the village in the direction to Veliko Tarnovo. 50 meters after the turnoff for the monastery "St. Nikolay Chudtoverets" there is a small turnoff on the right, where parking is available. You take the path following the yellow markings, after 10 minutes the path forks: you need to continue on the left path. You will see an incredible view of the old capital. The cradle of love is to your right.
-Second route:
-Start: Church “St. Trinity”. The path is steep and not well secured.